Customize your character and explore the world of Linmeadow. Five years ago, there was a terrible accident. It still haunts you today, but with the help of your friends Nasrin, Jessamine, Azzy, Dwija, Kamlai and Rukhsar, you have been able to recover. Now there's even a chance that some romance is blossoming between you and one of your adventuring friends...

However, there's one person who you're worried about that still dwells on that fateful day. Can you save Terezinha from her grief?

V 1.0:

In progress / making sure I submit before the end of the game jam. Currently, you can only see the intro of the game. There is a persistent bug that doesn't allow you to choose any name but 'Kiran' at start (sorry! ;o; I'm not sure why). Everything else in the customization window works. Currently very low-graphics. I will be adding to this after the Jam and updating until the full script is implemented. Thanks for playing. :)

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