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Space Prince Julian's best friend Serandite needs an engagement gift for her girlfriend. And he's going to get it to her before midnight!

Customize Space Prince Julian and travel through the Crystal Castle to bring the engagement gift of a ruby to help Princess Serandite propose to her girlfriend, the Raindrop Princess!

This game is a mix between a text-based adventure and a visual novel! 

- Controls -

Keyboard: menus can be navigated with the arrow keys, and text can be advanced using the enter key. (Base renpy functionality.)

Mouse: text can be advanced and menus navigated by using a mouse as well.

- Notes -

Inspired by the music video Heart To Break (by Kim Petras). The song and imagery were a big inspiration for this project and its theme! 

Since this game was created with the intent of being an entry to the 'Very First Extra Credits Game Jam' (with the theme of 'Awesome Per Second'), I wanted to submit something now for posterity. :) Finished version will come outside of gamejam timeframe. 

Future updates will add original graphics, music, and fill out the rest of the story!

- V1.0 - 
Update as of 5:05 pm, about 20 minutes before I hit my 48 hour mark.

Realizing I don't have time within the Exact Scope of 48 hours to finish writing everything out, here is an upload with a very sketchy final three rooms. :) Everything else should be good to go. 

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs so I can fix them! 

I'm still going to spend the rest of the night working to finish the text and then post-game-jam I will be adding graphics and music.  Thank you for playing!


EnRoutetoRaindropland-1.0-mac.zip 17 MB
EnRoutetoRaindropland-1.0-pc.zip 32 MB

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